In 1989, Abraham van Rooyen (Founder Member and current Chief Executive Officer) established Du Roi Nursery, a citrus tree nursery which is located near Letsitele in the Limpopo Province, Republic of South Africa. Since then the Du Roi Group has expanded to include businesses focusing on the commercial production and distribution of plants of various agricultural crops, including citrus, banana, sugarcane, guava, pomegranate, granadilla and macadamia.

In 2003 a significant step was taken with the planting of the Group’s first Nadorcott (Citrus) orchards. A new identity was created in 2008, when the Du Roi companies, Indigo Fruit Farming and Naranja Packers, consolidated into a co-ordinated operating group, namely the ANB Group (ANB Investments (Pty) Ltd).

Through this focused involvement, together with its support services, financial instruments and drive for improved technologies, Du Roi is well positioned to influence developments in the fruit industry and has the potential to play an increasingly influential role in ensuring the continued global competitiveness of several other fruit sectors in Africa.